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The Horslips (Devlin, Fean, Lockhart & Fean)

Everyone from John Waters to Pat McCabe has written lovingly about how much Horslips meant to them growing up in a rural Ireland starved of live rock music and popular culture. By fusing the giddy energy of Irish traditional music and ancient Gaelic mythology with riff-tastic 1970s rock, Devlin and his bandmates John Fean, Charles O'Connor, Eamon Carr and Jim Lockhart joined the dots between Ireland old and new.

The  band's set these days  features the best of the well loved Horslips repertoire -  from their first album Happy To Meet Sorry To Part, to their last Short Stories Tall Tales: these days too - as they always have - audiences  all over the world  respond to the unique sound of the godfathers of Celtic Rock.