How can I get a ticket to Féile 19?

You can purchase your tickets through Eventbrite here:

Is camping included with the ticket?

No. All the information you need for Glamping and for bringing your own Campervan to Féile 19 is available here:

Are there showers on site?

Yes. There will be clean toilet and shower facilities in the Glamp-sites

What are the access times at the Glamping Site?

Open Friday at 10am

Closing Sunday at 3pm

Is regular camping available or just glamping?

This year you will have the option of pre pitched tipis, yurts or tents manned by professional Glamping companies, whose main objective is the safety of the Glampers and the environment that homes them.

Only Glamping will be available this year due to licensing conditions.

There is plenty of other accommodation options available in Thurles.

For available alternative accommodation please check out




Is the Day to Day programme available yet? When will it be available?

Yes! You can see our line up here for Semple. We still have lots of details to announce about gigs down the Town coming very soon!

What ages are allowed at the festival?

The event is strictly over 18s due to licensing issues

The following are accepted as ID for the bars and cigarettes.

  • Passport

  • Drivers Licence

  • Garda Age Cards

Please note that ID checks will also be in place on entry to the festival. We reserve the right to refuse admission without a refund.

Will there be seat assignments on tickets this year?

This year it will be unreserved seating.

The venue will be open from an hour before the main show starts so you'll be able to take any seats you like

How do I apply to trade at Tipp Classical 2019?

Trader applications are closed for this year’s festival.

How do I volunteer at the festival?

Please email feile19@tippclassical.com to apply to work at this year’s festival.

Is Féile 19 accessible for wheelchair users?

Yes, fully accessible - there will be a viewing platform this year!

How do I apply for disabled access?

When you buy your ticket please email your ticket to feile19@tippclassical.com and we’ll provide you with more information

Can I bring a camper van to the festival?

Yes.  Up to 6.3 metres

The camper van site is a separate site to the main festival site and as a result has separate infrastructure in place.

We have tried to keep the price as keen as possible where we can. Your campervan ticket, costing €150 total, covers 3 nights and up to 4 people a night which works out at €12.50 per person per night.

This includes a secure site, electricity hook up, toilet facilities, showers etc.

Can I bring a caravan to the festival?

Yes.  Up to 6.3 metres. You will be required to drop the caravan off in the site and park your car in the adjacent car park. A Campervan ticket is required for this also.

Can I pitch a tent beside it?


Will there be ATMs available on site?

No – ATM’s can be found in and around Thurles Town -


Will the vendors accept cards?

Yes! This year vendors will accept both cash and card payments.

Will there be a supermarket on site?

No but we will have lots of wonderful food and drink vendors on site.

Can you charge phones on site?

Not available in the stadium but is available at the glamping site :


Will there be lockers on site?


Are animals permitted on site?


Will your food and drinks traders cater for specific dietary requirements? Will there be vegetarian/vegan options?

Yes. Vendors will be obliged to provide allergen details on food on offer and there will be a wide range on offer including vegetarian and vegan options.  

We will have details on specific vendors closer to the date.

Can you come and go throughout the weekend? Re-entry?


Can I bring my own alcohol in to the festival?

No, not in to the camp site or the festival arena. We will have lots of bars with loads of different drinks options on site!

Can I bring glass bottles on to the site or in to the campsite?


Queues for the bar were long last year. Will it be same this year?

No, there is a brand new layout this year with more vendors

Can I bring a chair in to the main area?

Yes, you can bring a fold up chair on site this year. Please ensure you take it with you when you’re leaving the festival.

What items are restricted on site?

Please see the list of restricted items for the stadium and the eco-glampsite here :

Will there be plenty of toilets?

Yes! We will have lots of toilet facilities on site. And fixed toilet and shower facilities in our Glamp-site!

What’s the best way to get to the festival?

Please see travel advice and information under the Travel section here:

Is Shane MacGowan playing on the Friday?

Shane is hoping to attend this tribute to his songbook performed by Sinead O’Connor and guests. And we really hope to see him there.

Will we be allowed on the pitch?


Are the bands playing full sets?


Is Sinead playing her own songs?


Can we swop tickets for nights?

Tickets cannot be changed from one night to another, but we now have the options to upgrade your One Day ticket to a Weekend Ticket by transferring through your Eventbrite account and just paying the difference.

If you need help with this get in touch through our Facebook Messenger over there on the side of this page!

Or email feile19@tippclassical.com

Can my kids come?

Due to licensing conditions all attendees must be 18 or over and hold a valid ticket

Will the show go on regardless of rain?

Oh yes!

What time do gates open?

Gates open from 3pm.

A full programme of events and activities happening outside the concert venue and around Thurles Town will be announced shortly.

And stage times?

Will be announced the week of the show.

Is it the same as last year?

Féile 19 is not the same show as Féile Classical.

It’s a return to the glory days of Féile with the bands playing full sets and a different line up each night.

It will be produced and delivered to the same high quality as last year!

Have a read of our press release here: